“Macerie” (Rubble) it’s a film about fear, insecurity, desires. A girl, in intimacy with another person, tells her phobia about water. But phobias generate phobias and trigger whirling thoughts. Starting from the terror of drowning, the protagonist reveals insecurities in a world full of chaos. External chaos, between endless roadworks and internal chaos, where doubts and desires reflect on themes such as love, family, motherhood, travel, death.


The Director:

Mauro Paglialonga (Ravenna, 1982) graduated from the Dams Cinema in Bologna, Italy with “Luis”, a short film between noir and surrealism. Paglialonga has benefited from scholarships in Spain and Colombia and attended filmmaking workshops in L’Havana, Bogotá, London, Valencia, and Berlin. He owns and runs a restaurant in Berlin and shot several short films and music videos. His passion for small format film increased over the years, especially Super8 and its handmade development.


Short films filmography:
Luis (2006); Lamento (2010); Lorelay (2011); Noi (2015); Foodporn (2017); Macerie (2018)



Title: MACERIE (Rubble)
Screenplay: Mauro Paglialonga
Director: Mauro Paglialonga
Production: Kess Film
Producers: Mauro Paglialonga, Giulio BaraldiEditing: Mauro Paglialonga

Music: Giorgio Blosi
Audio mix: Marco Pellegrino
Cast: Clementina Quaranti, Elena Paolucci

Year: 2019
Runtime: 13 ́20 ́ ́
Shooting format: Digital HD 16:9
Proiection format: File HD ProRes, file HD H.264, DCP 2KAudio: Stereo
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
B/W-Color: Color